Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Snappy Story

Okay, after all that ranting yesterday, I am starting to get used to the giant orange house in my back yard. I think I yakked it all out. In the sort of cloudy, grey light we 've been having, and will have for months now, it doesn't look quite so garish. Maybe I'm hallucinating, but it actually felt a little cheerful when I glanced out there again with my cup of coffee. I think I can live with it -- at least through the winter. It's the sun shining on it, and the bouncing reflection, that made it worse. But by next summer, maybe some of the glare will have worn off, and there will be more leaves in the trees and I'll let some of my bushes grow up much higher to block out some of it. Anyway, today I am ok with it. And it definitely makes a good story - I can get a lot of mileage out of this one.

Anyone watching the new tv shows? I'm not a big tv watcher, but was intrigued by a few of the trailers and decided to watch a little bunch of new shows for the first couple of weeks to see if there was anything interesting happening besides more reality tv crap. Two of them are "Jericho" and "Heroes". Jericho is so darn scary that I've been watching with one eye closed, all tensed up so that by the end of the hour I have a giant cramp and heartburn. Heroes is fascinating. I'm still not sure I get it all, but I'm interested enough to keep watching. Super Hiro, the Japanese guy who teleports himself, is so amusing. But the end of last night was another major nuclear disaster. And I have had nightmares about the end of the world for two weeks now, over and over. It's clearly getting to me. Last night was a doozy, and I'm still a bit groggy -- sort of lost in all that space/time continuum mumbo jumbo.

All caught up on orders, paperwork and bookkeeping, so today is full-on preparations for Salmon Days this weekend. It's the final outdoor festival for the year. Gotta get the tent together and drag it out for one last outing.