Friday, March 03, 2006

Soap of the Month Club

Yesterday I trotted all my little packages with the Soap of the Month club shipments off to the Post Office. Soap of the Month Club? What is that?

Here's the scoop: I have created a little giftie idea where you can buy a membership to this Soap of the Month service. Well, it's not new, really. I've offered it for a few years actually, but I'm happy to bring it up again :) You can buy this for yourself, a friend, one of your relatives, your boss, or the friendly neighbor lady down the street. Four times each year, a little package arrives in the mail box with the beee-yoo-tiful sack of soaps that you see here. It is a very lovely organza sack, with tassle ties and glass beads at the bottom, a new color for each season. Inside are three bars of the latest seasonal soaps -- the idea is that there is one bar of soap for each month. The box has a pretty little hand-crafted gift card that says "Happy Spring" or "Have a bountiful Fall" or some such message. This month, the cards were from a lovely woman who makes cards out of vintage wallpaper and borders whom I've just recently met - so very charming, both the cards and her too.

Anyway, the new spring scents -- Candied Ginger, Green Clover and Spanish Orange Blossom -- just headed out the door yesterday to the lucky club members. The summer ones arrive June 1, the fall selection on September 1, and the winter beauties on December 1. Of course you can start whenever you want, and decide which selection you would like to begin with. It is a one year subscription and it costs $75.00. Flat out, no extra shipping or taxes, it's all included in the one price for a whole year of little treats in the mail. What a steal!

It's a really nice gift that lasts all year. And it's a really nice way to try out all the seasonal soaps yourself, without the hassle of keeping up with the newsletters, remembering to order on time, messing about with the order forms etc.

Anyway, for the 3 or 4 people who ever travel over to this little random corner and spend a moment reading my rambling prose, that is the story about the club. I have been percolating a new idea for a club-type thing also, like home spa products, a new experimental something to try each month. But honestly, the spa type products have been less popular than the tried and true soap bars. So I'm not sure it will get off the ground.

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