Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dancing on the fence

I'm restless today. Restless to start something new and put my brain in a new place. Try something completely different, taste something I've never tasted before, physically stand in a brand new place. Spring is too long in coming -- one warm sunny day, followed again by several more cool, gray days. I wonder if this year the weather is different than all the others, or if I've suddenly become much more sensitive to the sun, needing to draw more energy from the sunlight.

After getting the important basic tasks done today, I am heading over to the Apple Store to take a class and play with some new software programs. I want to expand my horizons -- with my accounting and customer records, with my photos, with my newsletters and brochures . . . there are so many things I can take to the next level. I spent a bit of time yesterday researching blogging, marketing, even podcasting. It feels like we are changing the way we live and work so quickly, the technology shifting so rapidly, that what I was doing last year at this time was almost another lifetime ago. I guess I'll jump in and swim.

It feels so odd, merging the ancient craft of making soap and age-old herbal body preparations, with modern business methods and cutting edge technology. Dancing on the fence between old and new.