Friday, March 31, 2006

How to do it all wrong

Holy moly. I just wrote out a fabulous little journal entry this morning, and somehow managed to lose the whole flipping thing before it got saved or published. What a dork. So I will attempt to re-create the thing from scratch . . . and will probably leave out the part that actually makes sense.

This morning in keri smith's blog she has a little list of how to make yourself truly miserable. Keri is an illustrator and author, who writes a delicious little blog that I read almost every day. It never ceases to amaze me how often I log on, only to see that she is grappling with the exact same issue that is in my own head. And somehow has a more brilliant take on it, making things more clear and infinitely richer for me. Her post today is followed by a huge list of comments -- all of them "OMG you are in my head!" type messages. So clearly she has hit the nail on the head. It's a kick in the pants just to read it out loud, in black and white. And I wanted to share it with you -- so just for easier reading, I am copying it here.

So many days while I am sitting in my dark little office, spinning my wheels and beating myself up for some ridiculous thing, I forget that all of us who are trying to make a buck or two from our creative endeavors are all in the same boat. This little list, just validates that. Heh, I do all of these things. Regularly.

But today, for one day, I will not. (so she says, but the day is still young.)

One other thing -- the other day when I was on my quest for new ideas and new technology? I decided to upgrade my photo program. So I can have better and kewler pix for the web site, my blog, juried show applications, and just in general. A couple of hours later, trying to load the software endlessly, I decide that there is clearly something wrong and I am having another brush with techno hell. Maybe I have a lemon computer. Maybe I just have bad computer karma. I don't know. Off to the computer store yesterday . . . a couple of hours later, many diagnostics and much anguish . . . the verdict is a broken cd/dvd drive. Of course they do not have the part in stock. Yes, I have to take it back and leave it for a day or two. (gah! no computer! how will I live!?!)

Happy Friday everybody. Today I will celebrate with coconut cake. I've been craving it for days. Sometimes when you have a specific craving, no amount of substitutes will work. Believe me, I've tried -- chocolate chips, peanut butter, toast with jam, truffles, snacks of every persuasion. No go. So last night I made a great, big, fluffy coconut cake. I had a teeny slice last night while it was still warm, icing dripping off, and the crumbs falling apart. But today it's cool, frosted, mounded with fresh coconut, and I intend to have a great big chunk tonight after dinner (or another little sliver with lunch if I just can't stand it). And revel in the pure contentment of having exactly what you've been dreaming about. Yummmmm.....