Wednesday, January 03, 2007


As I may have mentioned, I'm a big list maker. So of course I'm scratching out a five-mile-long New Year's Resolution list. Big plans, big ideas. Most of it carried over from previous years until I'm so sick of looking at it that I just give up and it doesn't make the next list. Just about as effective as everybody else's resolution list.

This week is inventory. For tax purposes. Businesses need an accurate statement at the beginning of each year with a count of all supplies and products on hand. To calcuate how much was spent and sold etc. Profit/loss, accounting, financial statements. If you had any idea how difficult math and finances is for me . . . urgh. But I resolved at the very beginning to teach myself what it all meant and how to do it. And I'm still the sole accountant around here, doing my own books and taxes. So this week is inventory, as I said.

It gives me an opportunity to actually put everything away, piling up like things with like things instead of strewn about willy nilly, and see what I actually have to work with. Cleaning my entire studio, desk and work areas, which is enormously helpful. Starting with a clean slate. Tossing out all the old clutter. Putting all my ideas and lists into one big pile to cull through. Lots gets tossed, a few nuggets that were lost are now found (oh yeah, I was going to do that this year!).

And from the big pile of hen-scratched little notes on fast food napkins and backs of fliers etc, I create a plan for the year ahead which covers both business and personal goals. I'm going smaller this year. Not so many little to-do type things, but just a few well thought out big picture things. I want to see if that makes a difference in my success rate. But at the moment, it's still a bunch of shuffling and thinking and aha! moments as I wade through the destruction zone.

And I'm going to the gym today. Yes. I am. Any time now. Uh huh. It's definitely happening. As soon as I finish this one other little pile.

Oh, and I've started to put stuff on the Clearance Sale page. There will be more by early next week. Haven't gotten to the seasonal soaps, but the sprays and most of the bath stuff is there. It's a great time to stock up on scents you liked at bargain basement prices. And everything would last until next Christmas if you're one of those people that shops the clearance sales for next year. (I envy you folks who are so smart and organized.)