Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Technical Department calling . .

Telemarketing scam of the day - and boy, do I get some weird phone calls sometimes.  I have gotten 2 calls from this same man today. I just dumped the first one because it didn't make sense. But this afternoon I talked longer because it got me wondering.

He says he's calling from the "technical department" of Win-something about a problem with my Windows computer. I've been a Mac girl my whole life and there is no Windows computer here. Ever. This second call I made him tell me who he was actually calling and he had my name right. And he tells me that some bad things are being downloaded through Windows to my computer whenever I'm online.

I tell him that he's really confusing me since I don't have a Windows computer. And he's so insistent that his database cannot be incorrect and that there absolutely is somebody in my house using a Windows computer. I had to tell him that he's wrong and I don't have any idea where he gets his information. (It's quite clear that he's calling from a call center in India.) Both times, when I finally told him that I didn't have that type of computer he hangs up.  So I don't even get to find out if he's selling me something or what he's really calling me about.

What's this all mean, jelly bean? Was he going to have me download some kind of software bug over the phone to steal my identity? Anyone else get this kind of call?  Let me know in the comments below if you have had something like this happen to you, or if you know anything about this proposition.  

What the heck is the "Win-mumble" company anyway? I asked him twice and was going to ask him to spell it, but there was static in the line and communication was difficult.  Now I'm even more curious (and nervous) than before.