Thursday, May 01, 2014

Summer 2014 Newsletter

It's time once again for our grand poo-bah Summer Newsletter. Starting May 1st, all the new summer seasonal scents and products are available on the newly updated web site. You can find all the new products on the Seasonals page.  And you can read the full text of the newsletter below.

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“Summer is the time when one sheds one’s tensions with one’s clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.  A few of those days, and you can become drunk with the belief that all is right with the world.”
– Ada Louise Huxtable

Hiya fellow latherers!

I never went to Summer Camp when I was a kid, so I don’t have any traumatic memories of missing home, getting pranked and thrown in the lake, or wetting my pants over ghost stories around the campfire.

Instead I fantasize about the freedom of endless summers with the perfect group of friends – early morning canoe rides gliding across the silent lake communing with wildlife, warm afternoons splashing and diving off the dock, hilarious crafting sessions, campfire sing-alongs, gourmet outdoor cooking fests and s’mores parties.

The perfect summer is almost here and it’s time to make some dreams come true.


Summer is the season of free-wheeling fun, freshness and freedom.  Why shouldn’t we have a little of that in our morning showers too? These unique soaps are only available for the next few months and are made in limited production.  ($4.25 ea or 4 for $16.00)

Beach House – A dreamy blend of salty ocean air, pretty lavender and green herbs, this scent is clean and light as a breeze.  With a zen-like calm, its soothing marine fragrance and beautiful translucent sea glass color transports you directly to the spa.  If I had a little seaside cottage, I’d have piles of these in every room.

Summer Linen – Crisp and oh so clean, like fresh laundry flapping gently in the morning sun.  This is a dreamy white linen fragrance – like vintage tablecloths draped for a picnic in the garden.  A creamy white bar, it’s the essence of pure and simple.

Eucalyptus Mint – This is such a popular blend of essential oils for a reason.  Exhilirating and energizing, the eucalyptus is woodsy yet clean, mixed with both spearmint and peppermint for that cool, bracing freshness we can’t get enough of. (100% natural)

Lemon Ginger Carrot– Bright, sparkly, almost effervescent, this is a blast of citrus - sweet orange , lemon and lemongrass - blended with spicy ginger for a scent that is like liquid sunshine. We’ve oomphed up the superfood in this one. Loaded with rich organic coconut milk, carrot powder, acerola powder and carrot extract, it’s super moisturizing formula is full of vitamin C and beta carotene, plus a host of other essential nutrients and antioxidants which are especially good for mature or dry skin. (100% natural)


Summer is the perfect season to indulge in one of the aromatic sprays. Keep a bottle in the fridge for a little spritz of icy cool on your neck or decolletage. Spray a little bit of deelish on your summer sundresses, fresh sheets, steamy car seats, or stinky dog. This superhero stuff goes anywhere and everywhere, making the world smell a little more beautiful, one squirt at a time. (4 oz bottle $6.00)

Coconut Lemon - was such a big hit last year that it's stayed on the regular menu all year, but now is the time to truly bask in it! Tropical creamy coconut with a squeeze of tart lemon, dreaming of Pina Coladas, you'll be poolside with an umbrella drink in your hand within seconds.

Beach House - matches our new seasonal soap scent with a cool, calming spa-scent that turns "hot and bothered" into zen-like tranquility.


A lot has changed in the world in the last 17 (wow, 17!!) years since I started this business, and this little newsletter too. While I do appreciate things you can hold in your hands and savor, I need to spend more time simply making products for people to enjoy, and bringing them to you. This paper newsletter has been published in email form also for the last several years (with pretty pictures and easy-peasy links!). I’m hoping to encourage my treasured customers to move to the email list by the end of this year, and would like to discontinue the long hours of paper shuffling and stuffing.  If you want to help me save some trees, and are willing to receive the email version, please sign up on the website (or on the new Facebook page – woohoo! Facebook/Soapworks.Studio).  We’ll all join the 21st century together!

P.S. It would break my heart to lose touch with any of you, so if you don’t “do” computers, please give me a call and let me know so we can make arrangements to keep you in the loop too.


The arrival of summer means a hot new season of sidewalk fairs and festivals. I’ve got a big season planned and am looking forward to meeting and seeing you all.  For the full list, including dates, times, and booth locations, check out the “Events” tab on the website,  If you’re somebody who likes to pin the printed calendar to the fridge, there’s a PDF version there that you can print and save. Last minute announcements are posted on the blog and Facebook, so check there too.

This is going to be one heckuva summer – but without all those nerdy camp counselors!    
Heidi Risse