Saturday, May 03, 2014

National Renewal Day

Sunday May 4 is celebrated as National Renewal Day.  Yeah, I'm not sure who made up all those weird holidays for every day of the year either, but I'll celebrate almost anything and renewal is definitely a good idea.

The dictionary defines "renewal" as the state of being made new, fresh or strong again: the state of being renewed or rejuvenated.

This would be a good day to renew friendships and relationships, renew your commitment to your dreams and big goals, or renew yourself.  Take a day to de-stress, decompress, release the heavy burdens of the daily grind and rejuvenate yourself and your body to better health.

Please, if you're going to take this renewal thing seriously, don't get started on making to-do lists, checklists or big plans about what to renew and how much of it to accomplish.  Take it easy instead.  Do less.  A lot less.  Sleep more.  Maybe all day.

And if you decide to spend along time soaking in the bath tub, we've got more of those Dead Sea Bath Salts to replenish your supply.  Or stockpile them for more of these 'renewal' sessions.  They are especially good at detoxifying your industrious cells, relaxing your hard-working muscles, softening your rough or dry skin and soothing away life's little bumps in the road.  They really are that good.