Friday, May 02, 2014

Pamper Your Mom - It's A Week Away!

In case you've been hiding in a cave (or buried in a sea of work), you may already know that Mother's Day is coming up.  It's being talked about everywhere . . . buy Mom this, give Mom that, send Mom the blah blah.  It's one of those "selling" holidays that get oversold everywhere.

But what can't be oversold, is how important Moms really are.  And how important it is to give them a day of love, respect and attention for all they do to make sure we are taken care of.

So consider this a public service announcement.  Get cracking on your plans to pamper Mom next Sunday, May 12.  Make brunch reservations, or put your order in for flowers. And if Mom happens to love soap and smelly stuff, we're here for you too.

Well seriously - what kind of businessperson would I be if I didn't mention it, right? So no high pressure sales spiel, but we've got all kinds of soaps, or soaking bath salts, or relaxing bath time treats that Mom might really like.  And we can put them in gift baskets or gift bags, add cards, send to her directly - all that kind of good stuff.  

She might even be a gardener type and like a little tin watering can stuffed with garden gloves, healing salve, a scrubby soap bar and a nail brush.  We can get creative over here and customize to fit your Mom exactly.  Just give us a call!  Or feel free to shop the "Gifts" tab on the web site for more ideas.  And if you're still stumped, a gift certificate in whatever denomination you want might just be the ticket - she can choose her own treats.

P.S.  More public service coming at ya'.  This entire week is devoted to National Holidays of appreciation - do any of them need your attention?

May 6 - National Nurses Day
May 7 - National Teacher's Appreciation Day
May 8 - National Receptionist's Day and School Nurses Day too
May 9 - Birth Mother's Day (which really? isn't this sorta like Mother's Day?)
May 10 - Military Spouse's Appreciation Day
May 12 - MOTHER'S DAY!!!