Monday, May 05, 2014

Holy Guacamole! It looks good on you.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  A great excuse to dive into a vat of guacamole - not that I need an excuse.

I adore avocados. Whatever you might have heard about them being too many calories or too full of fat?  Bunk.  Eat boat loads and you'll be healthier than ever, inside and out.  They are loaded with all the good fats, the ones that lower your cholesterol and make everything from the tiny cells up work better. The phtyonutrients and vitamins are just extra bonus gifts.

And they make you more beautiful on the outside too. So moisturizing from the inside when you eat them - you can also do all kinds of things with them on the outside of yourself too.  Like mash them up and apply directly to your face, or elbows, or patches of dry skin and psoriasis.  (Or after a couple too many margaritas, just plunk your face in the dip bowl, but stay clear of the chips!)

I think I come across something almost daily that touts the benefits of avocados for health, for healthy skin, for beauty. And I take it with a grain of salt -- and some lime juice, garlic, chopped jalapenos . . . any time, even breakfast. I'll shove in a little extra today, because there will be an abundance of tortilla chips around.  Ole!

Don't believe me on all the avocado love?  Here's an article on Natural News that has a long list of recommendations and quotes from all kinds of big experts in the health field - a treasure trove of ideas on how to use avocados to look and feel your best.

It's even great for hair! So if you're slathering gets a little out of control or you really are face first in the dip, no worries. You'll have glowing skin AND shiny, bouncy hair too.