Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Studio Closed - just a few days

PLEASE NOTE:  The studio will be closed from Wednesday, May 1 through Sunday, May 5.  All orders, inquiries, etc. will resume on Monday, May 6th.  Thanks for your understanding.

Hi all!  That little red note there - that's what I just put up on all the pages of the web site.  I'm taking just a couple of days off before the whole summer newsletter and hoopla hits next week.  A quick break before the madness begins.

So I won't be shipping orders or available by phone or email until next Monday.  Beginning Monday, May 6, everything will be open for business.  Back on track.  And in full swing mode.  The summer stuff on the website goes live.  The newsletter gets mailed.  The email version gets sent too.  I'll have a copy of the announcement here on the blog.  And I'll start right in with a show next week too - my Mother's Day sale at the Group Health Central spot on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Until then, however -- just taking a quick breather.  See you soon!