Monday, April 29, 2013

Invited Back

The summer show schedule is up.  People have been asking me when they see me if I'll be at one festival or another.  And I'll be at pretty much everything I've done before.  Except Bellevue.  I'm taking that weekend off for my birthday this year.

I wanted to give a special shout-out to the Anacortes Arts Festival.  They are always, truly always, my best show of the summer.  And I've been invited back again this year.

That means that they liked my products (and my sales) enough to specifically invite me back to the show this year without going through the usual jurying process.  It's a great honor - and not many people get that distinction.  I'm lucky enough to have been invited a number of times over the years - last year too.

They have a special page up on the website to showcase us "invitees" and I wanted to include a link so that you can check out all the other amazing artists on the list.  They also have a few pre-festival events going on - an art show and a run.

Very much looking forward to seeing so many of you at this show - but pretty excited about the other ones too.  There's lots of good ones on the list, including my little Group Health shop for Mother's Day next week.  I'll post more details about that one here next Monday - but if you need any last minute gift ideas for Mom, I'll have a whole shop full of great stuff on Capitol Hill Wed through Fri next week.

Mother's Day is next Sunday - so get cracking!  Oh, and I wanted to mention that the summer newsletter is hot off the presses and getting mailed out next Monday too.  So I'll have all the new summer stuff at the Group Health sale.  Yippee!  Summer baby!