Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm Paying Your Taxes!

(Cross-posted from my email customer list)

Save some moolah this week!

It's tax deadline week and pennies are tight.  We can save you a little extra cash this weekend - we'll pay your sales tax for you!

Here's the BIG print: order anything, order any amount, have it shipped anywhere - we will pay the sales tax amount on your entire order.

Offer good Friday, April 12 through Monday, April 15.

Fill your shopping cart HERE!

There is no fine print.  Just place an order (or several!) on our website any time between Friday, April 12 and Monday, April 15.  You will not be charged sales tax on your order(s).  As always, orders are not charged while you are online, but rather processed here at the studio when we get your order information.  That means that your online confirmation will most likely appear incorrectly.  We add the volume discounts, adjust shipping charges, and calculate taxes (none this weekend!) on our end when we finalize the transaction.  The corrected final invoice will arrive in your shipment, Capiche?