Monday, August 04, 2008

Red Alert

There is panic in the indie beauty business right now. There is new legislation in the works that could put us all out of business in one fell swoop. It's called the FDA Globalization Act and it's on its way. Basically, it regulates the food business, but there is a small section that covers cosmetic manufacturing, and under the guise of making cosmetics safer, it decrees that any business, small or large, that makes any kind of bath or personal care product needs to now register all their recipes and formulations with the FDA and pay astronomic fees each year in order to do so. The red tape is going to be insane. And the fees are not manageable for anyone with a home business. It will put us all out immediately. There will only be grocery store soap and corporate beauty products from here on out if this actually takes place.

That's the panic. If you are interested in learning more, watching a video about what is happening, or signing a petition, go here. There is a group of local women headed to Washington DC to petition the new regulations, and Anne Marie of Brambleberry in Bellingham explains it all here. Their big meeting, with Senators and bigwigs is tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Pretty scary stuff.