Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best of the Northwest - Marymoor

Another show this weekend. I'll be at the Best of the Northwest's summer show in Marymoor Park.

Art at Marymoor Park

Dates: August 15, 16 & 17 ~ 2008
Hours: Friday 12-6, Sat and Sun 10-6
Location: King County - Marymoor Park
6046 West Lake Sammamish Parkway NE
Redmond, WA 98052

This outdoor show is in beautiful Marymoor Park, located two miles from the Microsoft Campus. 'Art at Marymoor' picks up a forty year tradition of celebrating community, art & recreation. With 120 juried artists, this event tailors to a sophisticated, optimistic and humanitarian audience of four to six thousand. An intimate event with a relaxed atmosphere. Bring your friends and take a moment to discover your creative side. Take a look at the map of bike trails and be green for the day. Not to mention get some exercise, expand your mind and maybe even taste some wine. We look forward to seeing you.

Last year it rained cats and dogs - Sunday was a swamp in the park. So this year promises to be oodles better - a heat wave of sunshine is predicted. Oodles is my new favorite word today. I'm using it for everything. Trying to get a million things done at once, and get ready for the show too. And I've lost my sense of smell this week, but especially today. I can't smell anything. Maybe it's hormonal. I'm just assuming it's temporary - it hasn't been great for awhile though. Maybe I just overused my shnoz and have burnt it out altogether. I'm frustrated as hell though. There are several bars that look almost the same and I can't tell them apart. The colored ones are obvious and I've got no problem. But I wanted to package a bunch of Verbena, Cucumber, Rosemary Orange and Bergamot - all of them are so close in color and my nose gots nuthin'. I keep trying, giving up, heading outside for fresh air. Coming back to those later and sniffing again. Maybe tomorrow. I'll let it slide for today because otherwise I'm going to need a straight jacket too.

Bring your dog out to the dog park at Marymoor and let 'em run. Stop by our little tent city and see the art too. We're sort of in the middle of everything, out in the field. There should be signs. It's just on the main road so you'll see the sea of white tent tops if you're driving through.