Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We melted

Oh my gosh it was so hot over the weekend. All three days were a sauna out there in that field. It felt like my tent was an oven roasting bag and all I needed was a little shake-n-bake to be cooked to perfection.

The high in Seattle was 90 on Friday, but it was 98 in Redmond, where we were setting up. I love, love, love the guy with the fancy copper sprinklers just a couple booths down on the corner. He had set up one of his sprinklers to shower out in the open grass, and most of the folks at the show spent the day prancing in the spray. It was roasting hot the entire time. Saturday may have been 2 degrees cooler, and I don't know about Sunday, but it was so muggy and thick that it was miserable for everybody - sellers, customers, dogs and babies. And of course sales were crap, so that didn't help.

But the good thing? the good thing is that all that heat gave me TOMATOES! I was convinced that we were never going to get a single tomato this season because a week ago it felt like fall already and most of the day - mornings and evenings were cool and nighttime lows were darn chilly. But those few days of hot, super hot, blasting hot started turning those little green lumps to red and gold. Sugary little morsels of tomato goodness. My very favorite thing - cherry tomatoes off the vine. I'm actually making a salad of them today. I harvested a whole bowl, yum.