Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from Holiday

Just came back from a long weekend vacation up to the Sunshine Coast in BC. It's so gorgeous up there, and we were lucky to have nice weather for a day or two - missing the rain and storms here.

We stayed in these amazing treehouse tents that looked out over the Strait of Georgia - sitting on the deck and watching the boats go by, the sunsets change a million colors. Super cool, so luxurious and a really special treat.

And the jetted spa tub with a view was unbelievable. Wish I could have stayed forever, but it was nice just to have a few days off to recharge my batteries before the next slog of shows and fall/winter busy-ness. The fair sets up in a week, and there is so much to do before then, plus the fall newsletter to be finished up. So I'm back to work today, but dreaming of the sound of waves lapping the rocky shore below while I lounge in the treetops.