Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Just a quick drive-by to update y'all on the fall stuff.

Everything is happening at once this week, and it's a little overwhelming. I'm setting up the Puyallup Fair and stuffing the mailing and updating the web site and and and.

So in case you're anxiously awaiting anything, here's how it's going to happen this week. Tomorrow I'll post full details about the Fair - it starts Friday and goes through Sept. 21. I think Friday is the free day so it should be a madhouse over there.

I'm picking up the newsletter from the printers today and will stuff and send it out by Friday. It will be in your mailbox either Saturday or Monday. And the electronic version will happen probably Saturday or Sunday as I get all the links in order. I'll be putting it all up on the web site over the weekend, but may not have all the new photos posted until early next week. I'll do my best. It's a pretty big undertaking, getting all the ducks in a row with web, email and printed stuff, at the same time I'm working on getting the Fair up and running, whew.

So Soap of the Month Club shipments, which usually would go out like today or yesterday, are postponed until next Monday when I've got a day to package them all up.

Still waiting on my specially couriered shipment of super cool bags from India, and biting my nails that I get them by tomorrow afternoon so I can run them over to the Fair by Friday when we open. The lip balm flavors that were back-ordered just arrived yesterday so I need to make those too, both for the show and for the fall newsletter debut. Tomorrow will be lip balm production. It's all so last minute again. But this time I really planned, really I did. I just didn't expect such delays in the shipment of some of my supplies. It's always something.

Anyway, it's all in the works as we speak. More later -