Thursday, August 14, 2008

Did I leave it in here?

It's been smelling a lot like fall around here lately as I am in full swing of cooking up the new autumn seasonal products - pumpkins, apples, cinnamon spice, figs and vanilla. It's yummy, even if it's a little out of whack.

Yep, my nose is back today and all is well. I have no idea why I just went blank yesterday, but it was a leeetle bit scary.

My head is swimming though, so much going on behind the scenes. The bulk of my day today is packaging soap bars for the show. I have a bunch left to do, just to make sure I have enough of everything everyone wants. But here's what else I am doing today (and sort of all week long too):

starting a batch of soap to whiz up this evening
working on the autumn mailing - one piece at a time, like envelopes yesterday, stamps today
updating the web site with new products and new sale stuff (more on that next week)
ordering supplies generally
ordering supplies ahead for the Puyallup Fair (it's 3 weeks away!)
designing labels and packaging for fall products
making a couple of experiment thingies for winter and spring
sending out a handful of mail orders
finishing up a couple last minute show applications
doing more research for a special project, taking copious notes
working on my inventory for the fair
a bunch of random other stuff, like bookkeeping and filing
and writing this blog too.

There will be emails and phone calls today. Plus packing up the rest of the show stuff. Grocery shopping and real life too. It starts to feel like the brain is whizzing around so fast that little pieces fly out and disappear into the atmosphere. If you see something fly by today, it's probably another little task I was trying to remember to do that just took flight as I start to lose my marbles. I'll come get it later, maybe next week.

Whew it's hot today. And going to be a scorcher this weekend. That means 90 for us. And believe me, that's like 150 for true Northwesterners.