Thursday, April 13, 2006


I'm in complete rebel mode today. I don't want to do anything I have to do. Not work, not chores -- no grocery shopping, no orders, no making soap, no nothing. It's not that I have a terribly busy day planned, but for some reason, none of it sounds appealing. In fact, I'm a little angry and frustrated that I have to do anything at all. Why is that? I don't know.

I have a fairly light week, anyway. And if I was motivated, I could really get ahead on some things, be really productive, or get some long standing projects out of the way. Or I could blow it all off and spend some quality time on fun stuff. And I can't even come up with that might be. I tried shopping the other morning -- spring clothes, Easter stuff, and what not. And after about a half hour in the stores, found it all rather boring and left. Just gave up on the whole thing and drove home.

Maybe it's just an off day. I'll start with something easy and small, and see if that doesn't move me into doing the next little task. If not, I'll just shove myself head first into the biggest and most important thing, with the dangling carrot that if I just get the one big thing done, I can take a few hours off to myself. See how that goes. At least by that point I will have accomplished a couple of priority items on the list and don't have to beat myself up with guilt for the rest of the day. Maybe?