Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chugging along

Just a quickie -- I'm still trying to catch up after the show. Yesterday was my so-called "day off". I could take a little time for myself . . . just as soon as I finished unloading the car, unpacking everything, doing inventory, money stuff and processing credit cards slips, laundry, hosing the tent sides, washing the car, grocery shopping, weeding through my pile of mail, email and phone messages, and then just a smidge of gardening too because overnight a jungle has taken over.

Well, as you may guess, I not only didn't get it all done early so I could sit in the glorious sunshine with a book or take a nap. I am still wading through my desk pile this morning. With yet a whole new list of stuff that really, really has to be done today, no excuses. And again, it's another sparkling and glorious morning, and all I really want to do is just sit out there in it, admiring all the new posies, and the fluffy little clouds, -- instead of inside this messy little office, plugging along.

But it was a great weekend over all. And really fun to see a bunch of familiar folks, old customers and friends, watch the parade of kids, dogs, grandmas and ice cream cones go by. We were lucky to have such spectacular weather. And the synchronicity of actually having the tulips in bloom at the same time? That almost never happens. Ok, onward with the grind. Tally ho.