Friday, April 21, 2006

A Hinkie of Fate

Re: The Tulip Festival street fair.

I got moved due to some CRAZY shenanigans involving a U-Haul truck on Friday morning. I'm just two booths down -- at the very intersection of Myrtle -- still in front of Draft Pic's but right on the corner -- beeeeyoooooteeeefuuuuul spot. So I win and it's all good and the weather is supposed to be postcard perfect. Hope to see some friendly faces there!

Ok, I'm sure the U-Haul truck would be a great story to tell. But it would make the guys who parked that freakin' gigantic rig right on top of two vendor's spots, left it over night, didn't show up the next morning, etc. look kind of dumb. And really, in retrospect, I guess it was just a miscommunication. And the fact that they had to drive over two sidewalks, three curbs, scrape the side of a mini-van, and take out a large number of branches from a small tree -- not to mention the inconvenience of a very panicky group of people who actually belonged to that spot, ran the show, etc. . . . . well, they certainly were very apologetic, if still unclear on the concept. I hope they do well this weekend, wherever they may be :)