Friday, April 14, 2006

New Life

I love to celebrate holidays, especially if they involve feasting and presents (and chocolate!). So we have a big champagne brunch planned this weekend. I'm stuffing little baskets full of treats for everyone too. And decorating the house with baskets, bowls and nests of eggs -- all kinds of cool eggs, from hand painted wooden ones, to ethereal glass ones, to pretty little wax ones, to real eggshells in gorgeous shades of light blues and greens, and tiny little brown speckled quail eggs too.

While I do not celebrate the Christian part of the holiday, I am very fond of the symbolism of new life and new beginnings, which is both the older and more universal underpinnings for this particular festivity. The return of dazzling sunlight, the return of warm weather, and the returning life of plants, trees and gardens are truly something to celebrate after a long, dreary winter. It's finally happening this week! Funny how it all came together at once -- the daylight savings time, the flowering trees all blooming at once, the temperatures finally hitting 60 degrees. I've gotten outside to dig in the dirt, plop a few posies in my pots, cut the lawn and tidy up my little backyard sanctuary. I find myself staring out the back door at my little square foot of patio every time I walk in the kitchen -- or just stare in wonderment out the front windows at the amazing cherry and apple trees that have exploded like fireworks in gorgeous pink blossoms, little petals gently swirling to the ground like happy snowflakes. I can't get enough of it, feeling restless, distracted, energized, ready for more.

Asparagus, strawberries, baked ham, roasted lamb, carrots, rhubarb, shrimp & grits, artichokes, smoked salmon, a bevy of cakes and desserts, peach bellinis, the whole coffee bar, Mexican hot chocolate, and fresh eggs from backyard chickens -- our little army of friends and family are in for an amazing treat! Gotta get cookin' --