Saturday, April 08, 2006

It's Raining?!?

Dude! Fo' shizzle -- this drizzle is the fizzle. We've had such a bonanza of sunshine all week that I guess I just expected we'd have more of it over the weekend. What a fool believes.

Whilst zipping around to my shows this week, I darted into the plant store and snatched a few plantlings to stuff in my pots -- for the front steps, the back patio and the hanging ones outside the bedroom windows. Just to add a little color to the large expanse of green out there before Easter comes. Because we always have a huge champagne Easter feast at my place, and I want it to resemble a little bit of Spring, instead of the tundra. It's hard to celebrate the return of life without . . . well, life.

So I woke up to rain. A stop in the action while I breakfasted, then more rain while I ran out to restock the Pickering Barn show. My little plantlings are enjoying the water, I guess. But I'm a weenie, and don't relish heading outside in the rain to dig in the dirt. So I will console myself with indoor tasks, poo.

This year, like every other year, I have (extravagantly grandiose) landscape plans for the yard. Oh yeah, pathways, retaining walls, tearing out ratty bushes, installing lovely flowering trees, etc. But on my little scrooge-ie budget, I am resigned to just move a little bit of stuff around, shove in a few annual posies, a tomato plant or two. I'm still scheming grand, tremendous, stupendous things for the outside of my little casa. But first we need at least one darn weekend day with sunshine so I can at least mow the lawn!!!