Monday, April 21, 2014

Heads Up - Tulip Festival this weekend

This coming weekend is the big Tulip Festival street fair in downtown Mount Vernon.  Yes, and I wanted you all to know about it.  So that maybe you could load up the car with kids, dogs, mud boots, plenty of towels, and have a family outing.

Sounds messy? Leave them all behind, just come up with your girlfriends, have lunch and do a major shopping haul.  Either way's good with me :)

This is an outdoor street fair.  The first one of the year in a spring that has had a lot of rain, mixed in with a few warm jags, so the tulips are up and blooming and raring to go. Doesn't look like we'll have the drenching rains, wind storms or even snow (!) we've had in previous years. Maybe we'll get lucky and have sun breaks.

How it's all going down: Show runs Friday through Sunday, April 25-27. It's a week later than usual (due to Easter). Hours are Fri and Sat 10am-6pm, Sun 10am-5pm. It's located in downtown Mt Vernon, which you truly can't miss because it runs for blocks right down the main street (1st Street) from the bridge at the north, about 5 blocks south to Kincaid, which is the freeway exit off of I-5.

Soapworks Studio booth is in the same area as last year (I think I'm across the aisle from last year's spot which was across the aisle from the year before).  It's called "space #20" and it's the street intersection at Washington St. at the front doors to the Skagit Valley Co-op.

I'm bringing all my spring stuff, as well as the usual mix of everything. And I will say this again, because it holds true for every show, every time: if there is something in particular you are coming to stock up on, please shoot me a message somehow (phone, email, FB, comments below) and let me know so that I can make sure to have it with me and not disappoint you.  I really hate disappointing you by leaving that particular scent at home, or not having the full dozen that you came for to hoard in the cupboard for a year.

Ok then.  We'll do the tulip dance and beg for sunshine. I'm so over standing out there in frigid rain for days.