Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter - the nutso holiday

Happy Easter! Wishing you the very best celebration of a holiday that makes not a lot of sense, but that we love, love, love anyway. Maybe because there is chocolate involved?

I thought I put all those marshmallow peeps
and chocolate eggs in here?!
Seriously? How do you put Jesus crucified on the cross and died for our sins in the same holiday as this giant, fluffy bunny that brings us jelly beans and chocolate treats, and hides colored hard-boiled eggs among the tulips in the garden?  Then toss in frilly bonnets, new dresses and pretty little patent leather shoes, all in peachy pastels with lace and stuff.  Wha?

Clearly the religious part and the pagan part clash, and then we added our own little twist to it all by adding fun fashions and big buffets, desserts and sweets a plenty. I don't mind, I'll still party.

I keep the big picture in mind and let the rest take care of itself. It's spring, new beginnings, new life and a beautiful cycle of the seasons. If candy and baked ham is needed for this, so be it.

Wishing you all the Easter joys,
whatever they may be for you . . .