Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Got it! We're screwing the tops.

I heard you! Ok, ok, ok, I get it.

Within the span of one calendar week just recently, two different customers contacted me to find out the trick to getting the Healing Salve or Shea Butter Balm tins open.  They were having trouble cracking into it and they both sounded frustrated.

I felt terrible about it - completely mortified that I would be the cause of someone's suffering. I explained that there was no trick.  It's just that when the balm goes in hot and the lid gets slapped on, sometimes it creates a bit of a vacuum in there and the first opening take a little oomph, plus maybe a pull and a twist at the same time to just crack that air seal. I won't lie.  I've heard this before, but it was just a few and pretty far apart.  So I didn't think I needed to take action.  Because, really, they are awfully cute and easy to carry around, aren't they?

But then the next day when I stopped by my sister's place, she complained too.  Only louder.  She's using the stuff to help heal a little boo-boo on her cat.  And she doesn't ever close the tin up because she can't get it open again.  And made it quite plain that I need to just get another kind of container.  At which my other sister jumped on the bandwagon and exclaimed that "fer sure, man" nobody can use those stupid tins, no matter how cute they are.

There's no dodging the universe when it's trying to give you a message.  I get it.  I was almost out of tins anyway and needed to make more this week.  And I actually gave it some considerable thought, even weighing the idea of going into a whole new thing altogether - glass jars, plastic jars, all new labels - which meant new graphics and a lot more expense.  And at the last minute, a light bulb went on and common sense finally took over.

I ran to the container store and ordered my exact same tins, only with screw caps.  Duh.  Exactly like the lip balm tins I have now, only a little bigger, the 2 oz size.  The same tins I'm already using and still have a million labels for - except the top just twists off real easy with a little threaded screw lid instead of the plain seamless top.  No more ripping off your fingernails to get in.  No need to scratch and dent the fine silver trying to pry it open.  No need to run next door to big muscular Biff to use his power tools either.

It's very ladylike.  You just do the simple twist off.  Perfect manicure still in place.

All of the Healing Salve and Shea Butter Balm will be in these new tins.  Please note, I still have some inventory of the Healing Salve in the old tins which I'm selling first this month.  So if you're ordering online and you really, really, really want the new tin, please add a note in the message box to let me know.  I suppose this is true if you have some deep desire for the old tin too.  I can accommodate anybody's wishes.  That's what I live for :)