Monday, April 14, 2014

Fire at the Fair last night!

I arrived at the fairgrounds to tear down my display this morning and we couldn't get into our building at first.

There was a huge fire at the fair last night - started at midnight, so no people were there. The building right next to ours burned to the ground - the entire barn is just gone. The fireman who got there first said they rescued dozens and dozens of animals - 48 piglets, chicks, turkeys etc. They only lost one small piglet. 

Wow! Total mess this morning. We were able to skirt around the barricaded off area, but had hoses and trucks parked all over the entrances to our hall.  I had to jump fire hoses to load out my stuff. Our Artists in Action area was fine, thank God. And the soap stills smells like soap and not smoke. We got very lucky - though I feel so badly for the folks that were in that building.  

He said when he arrived it looked a giant fireball had dropped into the middle of the fair and there was smoke plumes 500 feet high.  Big happenings...

This was a 2-story building, and if you look into those doorways there is nothing but charred sticks.

That's a grandstand tent that is collapsing onto the stage just outside our doors - the cables holding it up were attached to the roof of the burned building.