Tuesday, April 01, 2014

April (in the) Showers

The following is an excerpt from our monthly "Getting Fresh" fresh sheet which went to our beeyootiful subscriber list this morning . . .

April is Gardening month

I have no idea who thinks these things up.  Or makes them official either.  But apparently according to the calendar poo-bahs, April is Gardening Month.

I have no quibbles with that at all.  I'm happy to make any and every month "gardening month" - well except for maybe January when it's too cold to even venture outside.  But I do love me some gardening.

If you love to get your hands in the dirt too - or just know someonw who does - we've got a few items on our menu that just may be what the doctor farmer ordered.

Healing Salve ($5.00) - A super luxe solid moisturizer balm that's jam packed with herbs to meet all kinds of rough hand needs.  It's like a miracle worker in a tiny tin, able to kill bad bugs, heal splits and cracks, and stop roughness in its tracks.

Citrus Basil Scrub Soap ($4.25) - the one soap I recommend most for gardeners.  Basically I've thrown a handful of birdseed in every bar.  It's got a mix of poppy, flax, mustard, and sesame seeds along with millet and corn meal to give it the scrub you need to really get the dirt off after a day of weed pulling.

Nail Brushes ($3.00) - Along with soap, a true gardener usually appreciates a handy dandy little nail brush to get really clean, especially under fingernails.  This one is a charmer - made of a handsome wood and all natural bristles, with an extra little ridge of bristles along one side specifically angled to get right under fingernails and briskly brush away those last little remnants of the garden.

Flower Pot Gift Set ($16.95) - A darling little tin flower pot with your choice of soap, a cotton scrubby accessory, and a nail brush or soap dish to boot.  Great small gift!


Watering Can Gift Set ($28) - an adorable tin watering can container packed up with everything  your gardening fans could possibly covet: colorful garden gloves, choice of soap bar, shea butter balm, a nail brush and our all-natural Bugger Off spray.  Plus you can customize it any way you want.