Friday, February 21, 2014

The medal goes to. . .

We've been glued to our teevee sets over here, watching all the action at the Sochi Winter Olympics.  All the drama, all the heartache, all the glory.  Plus the skating costumes - did you see that pink panther cat suit?  Ooooh la lah!  

You don't have to be a world-class athlete to know that winter weather can be a tough challenge for your skin.  Which inspired us to award medals to a few of the best products in our menu to keep your own winter skin nourished and healthy.
To the podiums please. Raise the flags and start the anthems . . .

Gold Medal, Slope Style:  Healing Salve 

For anyone hitting the slopes, or just hitting the bus stop on the way to work, you know that exposure to winter's cruel elements wreaks havoc on your skin. When you've been beaten by the competition, the Healing Salve cures just about anything. It heals all the dry flakies, the ragged cuticles that catch in your mittens, the fingertip splits, the heel cracks, the rough elbows, the ruddy cheeks, even the chapped lips. Not only is it a super rich moisturizer for even the driest patches, it's chock-full of healing herbs which soothe inflammation; calm redness; battle the ickies (bacteria, infection and fungus); and generally smooth out the rough edges. Plus, it acts as a barrier to seal in your own natural skin oils and keep the cold weather moisture from creating even more damage. It's one tiny tin that packs a wallop, goes everywhere, and it's only $5 dollars.  You've paid a lot more for a lot less.

Silver Medal, Curling:   Vanilla Bean & Honey Dead Sea Bath Salts

There is no better pampering treat after a long, bitter day in the winter weather than curling up in a hot, steaming, aromatic bath.  This type curling is a whole lot warmer and nicer smelling than doing the splits while tossing rocks down a sheet of ice.  And when it's cold outside, you want warmth, you want comfort and maybe even yes, a little spice.  That's describes exactly the Vanilla Bean & Honey fragrance.  It's our top scent in the bath salts because it's not sweet or cloying, just luxurious, pleasurable and relaxing.

With the highest mineral content of all the salts in all the land (or sea), the Dead Sea salts have super powers that soften all your dry, flaky or rough bits, detox the stress from every pore, and relax tired and achy muscles.  A good long soak can work wonders for winter weary bodies, even if your finish line isn't the end of a biathlon but just a long work week.  

Bronze Medal, Speed Skating:  Body Brush

Whether it's ice dance, short track, or hockey, the ice needs to be as smooth as velvet.  The Zamboni man is the true hero of the winter Olympics. 

And when it comes to skin, most of us would rather feel like silk than elephant hide, am I right?  Here's where our own little Zamboni machine comes in.  If you want to feel soft and smooth, you need to exfoliate regularly.  That means sloughing off the dry, dead skin cells that cling to the surface of the baby-smooth newer skin layers underneath. The easiest and most effective way to look your freshest is to dry brush for a few quick minutes before showering.  If you have absolutely no idea what 'dry brushing' means, no worries, I've written a short guide on all the whats, whys and hows on the website here.

We've got two styles of body brushes and either of them are terrific exfoliators.  Of course you can use them inside the shower too. Just get scrubbing on a regular basis and watch your skin begin to bloom like flowers in spring.

Customer Service: It Takes The Gold!!

"After years of buying from your wonderful product line, I just made my first online order - I'd like to compliment you on your INCREDIBLE service!  I've never received an order so expeditiously and/or  securely packed!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  What a class act!" 

"I had previously ordered a few of your items and fell in love with them when they arrived today. Therefore, decided to get a few more for gifts for friends.  Your soaps and sprays are highly valued in my "neck of the woods."  I give them for birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter gifts.  So appreciate you and your wonderful products!!!!!"
"I just had to sit down and send this email.  My daughter and I found your soaps at a Christmas bazaar.  I absolutely love them and decided to order them from you online.  I just received my second delivery, and I couldn't resist telling you how pleased I am.  Your customer service, specifically your delivery, is outstanding!  I do a fair amount of online shopping, and your company is the absolute best!"
"I just wanted to say that I've been ordering from you for YEARS and LOVE your stuff!"
"I just had to tell you how pleased and thrilled I was to receive my soaps from you yesterday.  I love that it was such a fast turn around from placing the order to receiving the soaps.  But the big deal is how much I love the soaps.  I intended them for Christmas gifts, but somehow I think I'm going to have to place another order because I want to keep them all for myself. I love the fragrances--especially the lavender pear.  I will be a repeat customer over and over again.  Great product, great service!"

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