Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Do you feel a breeze too?

I can sooo relate to this photo right now.

I'm actively working on getting this little soap business up to snuff for the year 2014 in the online universe.  Can you believe I've never dipped my toes in Facebook?  Some of you will be totally all "OMG, how have you lived?" while others of you might be like I was (even last month) "what's the fuss all about? why can't you just face to face?"

Well if you're in business and you want to stay in business, it's no longer an option to opt out.  Like having a web page, you have to have a Facebook page.  

I have no idea really what I'm getting into.  Still trying to figure out the technicalities of uploading photos and getting all my settings in a row.  Which balloons from there into how to get my link straight in all my other online locations, and what do I post there and when and how and what is all the friends and likey stuff.  My head hurts.

I'm truly feeling a little exposed at the moment and vulnerable.  And like some stupid kid just instagrammed my ass all over the internets.  I'll be an expert in no time, I'm sure and will be guffawing about how long it took me to join the club.

So if you want to head over and have a laugh yourself.  Or fan me/follow me/like me, whatever the hell you're supposed to do . . . see ya at the cool kids table.