Saturday, February 08, 2014

Humans of New York

Humans of New York.  I just found it this morning in a random way.  It's a blog.  It's also a book.  And it's fascinating.  I've been scrolling through, reading the most poignant and lovely little snippets of people paired with a photograph of them.  A moment in time and often a small interview question about life.  Some are really deep.  Some are silly.  Kids to old people, it's the full spectrum. Like life itself. Love this and wanted to share . . .

"Dear Brandon,

My boyfriend had given me a copy of your book as a gift for our sixth anniversary today. Curiously perplexed by his uncharacteristic gesture, I observed the pages to come across a photo of us, standing on 42nd street, exactly one year earlier. Shock sprawled across my face and emotion flooded my heart. My mind wandered back to the six months that had preceded this night, which had relentlessly challenged our hearts and nearly broken our bond. It was this night, on our fifth anniversary, that we vowed not to give up; and it was this night that began the start of our greatest year together. I never imagined that I would be staring into this moment again. A moment so fleeting that it had escaped us, lost to the chaos of our times; yet here it is, so beautifully captured and for all the world to see. Though we may be strangers, you have given us the greatest gift of all. Thank you so very much. 
With much love,


"I got some purple ones because my yellow ones weren’t feeling too good."
"I got some purple ones because my yellow ones weren’t feeling too good."