Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Something you might not know...

Here's a fact.  Soap can be dirty.

Soap bits, flakes, tiny specks etc when they land on the floor, stick to the counter, or stick to your pants, can really make a mess.

via Skreened
I'm not sure if I have ever explained the whole scientific what-nots of soap, but its molecular composition makes it a magnet to dirt.  That's truly how it works.  The soap molecule, when enacted by water, becomes magnetically attracted to dirt molecules.  That's sort of the grade school explanation.  Detergent molecules suck themselves to both dirt and grease - hence dish soap and laundry soap which are too harsh for our hides.

Anywhooo.  I've also noticed that it works without water.  This is not a new observation, but just one that I am keenly aware of again in this moment.  My office is, ooooh, how to say this, filthy.  The bits on the floor have attracted general dirt and become almost sticky little gummy magnets for cat hair, dust bunnies and whatever else is floating around.  The bits I have stuck to my pants when I carelessly wipe my hands off, are now stuck to the seat of my office chair.  I've got little piles of flecks of all kinds of fuzzy stuff all over.

Whoah.  This place needs a deep clean.  That's what happens when the sun comes out, even for a few short minutes.  You see all the dirt that's accumulated during the last few weeks of dark, stormy, grey days that feel like endless evenings, especially in the basement.