Monday, February 03, 2014

Spring Newsletter 2014

Can you believe it's already February?!  Which means it's time for the spring newsletter wherein I announce all the new stuff I've been working on for spring.  Whoot!!  And as always, I like to post them here too for those folks who may not be on my mailing list or email list.

I've copied the text below, and all the new items can be found on my "SEASONAL" page.

Dear Friends,

The word “spring” has so many meanings, not the least of which is the season that follows winter. Hope springs eternal, water springs from the ground, super heroes spring into action, and a spring is what makes a trampoline bounce.  We joke about our spring chickens, savor our spring rolls, and each year we carry out our spring cleaning.

All of it is positive, uplifting stuff.  However, the time of year when the weather begins to warm and Mother Nature starts revitalizing all her plants, flowers and trees seems incredibly magical.  It’s the most anticipated season of all, bringing with it a sense of joy, relief and wonder.

Yesterday the twig was brown and bare;
Today the glint of green is there; Tomorrow will be leaflets spare;
I know no thing so wondrous fair,
No miracle so strangely rare.
I wonder what will next be there!
~ L.H. Bailey

We sow our seeds, plant our little seedlings, and watch all the tiny green buds pop out of branches and sprout up from the sun spots in the dirt.  New beginnings, full of new life and new hope – that’s the miracle of spring.


For me, spring scents are inherently light, in a palette of fresh, flowery and green.  After months of dead leaves and naked trees, the hint of blossoms in the breeze is a welcome breath of fresh air. This year I’m bringing back a couple of much loved spring seasonal scents from the way back machine. These new seasonal fragrances are limited in production and available February thru May.  My “regular menu” of standard soaps is available year round, with all time favorites of of Lavender Lemongrass, French Lavender, Clove Mint, Vanilla Bean & Honey, and at least a dozen more – standby’s for both men and women.  See website for full selection:
($ 4.25 each or 4 bars for $16)

JASMINE LEMON  - Sweet jasmine blossoms blended with bright, clean lemon.  A very pale shade of sunshine yellow, it’s bright and happy, soft and pretty.

ROSE PETAL – This fragrance is absolutely true rose, a fresh bouquet of pink and red rose petals.  Nothing perfumey or old-fashioned, this is a very sophisticated fresh floral scent in a pretty pink bar.

ORANGE SPICE – Last season’s Clove Orange soap has been one of the most popular and requested scents, so I’ve pumped up the spice a little and kept it on the menu.  Sweet orange, spicy cloves and a big pinch of cinnamon, it’s a bit softer than the Breakfast soap with no texture added. (100% natural)

PURE SOAP – Many more people are asking for a pure, natural, unscented soap lately.  Sensitivities are becoming more prevalent, and as we learn more about what’s in our food, air, water and beauty products, we want to choose the best quality items we can find.  Hand made soap is some of the best stuff on earth for your skin. This soap - with no color, no fragrance, no preservatives, no nothing in it but natural vegetable oils -can be used by absolutely anybody, even the most sensitive. (100% natural, fragrance free)


This spring there are two new aromatic sprays to match the seasonal soap scents. Jasmine Lemon and Rose Petal are fresh, romantic fragrances that make a lovely spritzer for everything imaginable - delightful as a body spray, a great deodorizer for linens, rooms, closets, cars, plus a fabulous pick-me-up anywhere, any time. The full menu of sprays includes Lilac Garden, French Lavender, Lavender Lemongrass and Sweet Dreams (in addition to others) all of which capture the essence of spring in a bottle. Complete list: (4oz bottle $6.00)


This was a dearly loved seasonal scent a year ago, so it made sense to bring it back now while I’m featuring soaps and sprays in the same scent. True to its name, it’s a fresh-cut bouquet of gorgeous roses. In aromatherapy rose is both calming and stress relieving, as well as uplifting for depression, making it a perfect soaking scent for the bath. French Lavender, Vanilla Bean & Honey, Wildflower, Almond Ginger and Sandalwood Jasmine are my year round fragrances, with a little something for everybody to indulge in. See complete list:
(16 oz bottle $8.00)


During the last month, I’ve had all my remaining fall and winter holiday seasonal soaps, sachets, and lip balms at big discounts on the web site.  There are still deals left and it’s a great time to stock up on your favorites!  Check it out at


It’s still early in the scheduling process of shows for this year.  Deadlines, notifications, and contracts will be determined in the next couple of months.  However, here are a few spring shows that are on the calendar right now.  Check the website any time (“Show Schedule” button) for all the latest information.  I’m keeping it updated constantly as I finalize details.

March 13 – 15          Vasa Park Spring Craft Show, Vasa Park Ballroom, Bellevue
March 28 - 30         Best of the Northwest – Spring Show, Hangar 30, Magnuson Park, Seattle
April 3 – 5             Pickering Barn Spring Craft Show, Pickering Barn, Issaquah
April 25 - 27          Tulip Festival Street Fair, Downtown Mt Vernon
May 17 - 17             University District Street Fair, University Street, Seattle

Cheers! A toast to spring showers and May flowers . . .