Monday, August 05, 2013

The Watering Cans Are Back!

Just a quick note this morning while I unpack and clean up from the overwhelming Anacortes Arts Festival weekend . . .

It was a great show by the way. Even though it rained (and sometimes hard!) almost the entire day on Friday. What a mess. But by late afternoon it dried out. And we dried out. And kept going. Turned out ok, but I'm really tired today. I'm needing silence and not a lot of activity for a bit.

But the announcement:  Ta dah! They're back!

My sweet little watering cans that I made the Gardener's Gift Sets out of have been out of stock almost all summer.  They were supposed to arrive in May, then it was mid-June, then early July.  Well, they just arrived by the slow boat last week.

I have them back in stock in my studio, and now that all my shows are over for the summer (gah!) I can make those ever popular watering can sets. You can fill them with whatever you like - choose scents or products that you like most. This is one variety, which I put together to cover a gardener friend.  It's got the garden gloves, soap, spray, shea butter balm or healing salve, and nail brush ($28).  You can go smaller, like just a washcloth and soap bar for $14. Feel free to customize - just give me a holler.

Anyway, they are back.  Back on the website, back in the studio, and I'll have them for the fall shows I guess. Probably nobody will care by then since gardener season is over. Poo. Oh well.  Spring will be here before you know it, right?