Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kale injury

I have to admit something. I hate kale. I know it's the absolute rage right now. And that there is probably not a single other more nutritious item on the planet. But it's bitter and tough and pretty much nothing makes it better. I've tried.

But in my never-ending quest to be healthy, I cooked up a batch of greens the other day. It was kale mixed with chard, spinach and arugula (which I also dislike, but not as much). Sauteed with a bit of garlic.
AS IF! Pic courtesy of

While cooking, I carelessly tried to taste a piece of kale. Check for flavor and doneness. But it slipped and slapped me in the lip, burning me. Gah. What a rookie move! And how dare that crappy kale try to slap me?!

Actually it tasted pretty good - better than I was expecting anyway. But I'm left with a blister on my bottom lip that is totally irritating and unsightly today. Which is the least of my worries.

We have been having plumbing problems. Like every other older house in Seattle, there are tree roots growing into the sewer line. And I share it with two other neighbors. One of which is a rental property with new managers (which have been wonderful, how refreshing!). So coordinating the whole clean-out has been very time-consuming, while we wait on pins and needles to see if everybody's toilet decides to back up into my basement studio sink in the morning when the whole world is showering and flushing. It's in process now, and while I really have to pee at the moment, I can't use the water, but I'm hopeful that later today I might get to do laundry which has also been waiting for days.

And yesterday there was such a flurry of chaos and craziness when the neighbors house got broken into. Two Chinese families (or groups? or what?) live there.  One apartment in the basement and the other one upstairs. Somebody came in through a window in the back and took all their computers and cash.  Which is a lot.  Like 10 people upstairs and another 5 downstairs?  I might be exaggerating by one or two, but no more than that.  It's a ton of people, almost all younger guys with a few older adults that don't really seem like couples or parents.  I can't figure it out.

The burglars broke down doors inside to get to the basement too and took everybody's stuff during a little one hour window in the afternoon.  I was home then.  I was here just having lunch at that time, hanging out with the cats and doing a little work. All windows open.  Back door open.  Obviously home. But not hearing or seeing anything unusual.

I felt terrible.  It's also a rental house. The owners were there too. So much screaming and waving and carrying on. All of it in Chinese so I have no idea what they were saying. Fire truck. Police. But Jenny (the owner) explained a little to me and I told her how sorry I was, and bummed that I was no help. Everyone they knew came over during the afternoon and evening to hang out in the front, back, side, living room, dining room, porch. Just crowds of people all yelling and gesticulating. Like an angry beehive.

It was sad and yet odd. Knowing what they must be feeling. And yet not knowing anything about the details or what they were saying or anything else about the whole event. Eventually I had to turn on the tv just to get a break from all the noise, distract myself from the buzzing beehive.

This morning I heard that another neighbor just on the other side of the block had the same thing happen, during that same hour. So somebody was very busy at lunch time yesterday. So frustrated that I was right here and missed it! I mean missed seeing something I could share. Not missed getting robbed, obviously.

Things are in a bit of upheaval around here - it all feels out of whack. I'm in 'nose-to-the-grindstone' mode trying to get everything done for the Fair next week. Which reminds me - I need to do a post about that any second. And the autumn newsletter was supposed to go the printer yesterday afternoon, but with all the hoopla in the works, I didn't want to leave the house.

The fall newsletter, new products, updated website, blah-de-blah needs to all get done between now and next week too.  It's Thursday.  I just ran out of labels for the backs of the soaps yesterday. Another totally stupid rookie mistake that I can't believe happened right now.  And shipping from Florida.  On a holiday weekend. That's another hinkie in the system.

High drama. Suspense. Action. Thriller. Will she make it on time?!

Yes. I can tell you the ending. It all works out and everything will be fine. But I'll be hiding out over here working feverishly. Never mind me. Just running as fast as my little legs will take me around that damn hamster wheel :)