Monday, August 12, 2013

It's been a perfect summer

The weather we've had in Seattle this summer has been so perfect. I know some people are booing about how dry it is, and it has been a little hard on the garden and the grass. But the plants will (mostly) live and everything will flourish once again in a month or so when the rains really get going again.

In the meantime, we've had really nice, warm, sunny days. Clear blue skies. Not too hot - hardly ever over 80. Cooler evenings so that it's not muggy and everyone sleeps like a baby. Day after day.  We wake up to sunshine, instead of clouds until mid-afternoon. I like this. I could really get used to this - for more than just a couple of months.

I've sort of given up a bit on all that watering too. Yes, still watering the tomatoes and the flowering baskets. But the perennials, the bushes, the ferns in the corners? I don't care so much. Just enough water, maybe once a week or whatnot just to keep them alive. The brown, crispy bits?  They'll be fine in the fall, and come back just as nicely next spring. The grass too. And the dandelions seem to be thriving anyway. The neighbors have a whole field of them instead of a front lawn. And they are not a bit bothered without rain.

I've had a week of relatively light work, a bit of rest after all the summer shows finished, and a bit of time to stop and smell the . . . well smell everything. Sunny afternoons on the patio, a quick break to see the cats lounging in the shade spots. Grilling with friends. A walk on the beach plus a stop to watch all the volleyball competitions. It's good. It's more than good. It's perfect.

How's the summer been for you? Let me know how yours is going.