Wednesday, May 18, 2011

U District Street Fair 5/22

Hey, just a reminder, this weekend is the U District Street Fair. I know, it feels early. It's the first big street fair of the summer, and sort of the whole announcement that summer is here. But it feels like we've barely squeeked into spring around here, it's been so chilly.

This week is the first bit of sunshine and truly warm weather we've had. But of course it's not supposed last into the weekend. We'll be back to the clouds and rain showers for Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully it will be sporadic and mild and the crowds will get a chance to come out and parade up and down the Ave.

The details for the show:

University District Street Fair
University Avenue, Seattle
May 21 - 22, Sat 10-7, Sun 10-6
My booth location: #315, between 42nd & 43rd, west side of street

I'm in the same block as always, a little further north than last year, same side of the street. I'll have a few of the spring soaps left - there isn't much. And all the new summer stuff. Plus the rest of the kit & caboodle. Hope to see you there!