Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Newsletter 2011

The summer newsletter went out in the post a week ago, and I guess I forgot to put this up on the blog too.

I'm posting the text here too, so those of you who are not on the mail list or email list can get the scoop also. Here it is, with one big giant LINKIE POO to the summer seasonal product page where everything mentioned in the letter is listed.

Dear Friends,

I remember back when we were school kids and we just couldn’t wait another minute for summer to arrive. Crossing off the days on the calendar with big black X marks, the anticipation for the first day of vacation was sweet agony.

Summer meant freedom and seemed to last forever. No matter how old we get or how far away from classrooms and long vacations, we never really forget that yearning feeling when the sun finally comes out. We just want to get out there.

Even if our “summer vacation” is just a few weekends from June to August, we want to pack in as much fun in the sun as we possibly can. And here in the Northwest we’ll wear shorts and sandals with goosebumps just to hang onto our favorite season a little bit longer.

I’m starting my list of summer activities so I don’t miss a thing – barbeques, outdoor concerts, picnic parties, beach afternoons, parades, and festivals. Oh yeah, summer’s going to be good.


In a tribute to summer, I’ve created a couple of special soaps to celebrate the tastes of the season. These unique soaps are available only for the summer season and are made in limited production. ($4.25 ea or 4 for $16.00)

EUCALYPTUS: When it’s hot outside you want only one thing – to feel cool and fresh. A chilly shower with this bar is the ultimate in refreshing. Eucalyptus is grassy and green with a caress of icy cold fingers down your back. It’s a great morning zinger bar or a zesty after work-out soap too. (100% natural ingredients)

ORANGE GINGER MINT: This minty scrubby soap was introduced in the last newsletter for spring. It’s been a runaway hit and it seems to work perfectly for summer too, so we’re keeping it on the menu. Happy and energizing, it’s blend of sweet orange, a pinch of ginger, peppermint and spearmint, plus a sprinkle of poppy seeds for texture. A soft cantaloupe color, the poppy seeds help with gentle exfoliation or a wake-up massage in the shower. (100% natural ingredients)

OCEAN BREEZE – A soft blend of ocean and air, this scent is light as a breeze, fresh and clean. With a zen-like calm, its soothing marine fragrance and beautiful translucent sea glass color transports you directly to the spa.

COCONUT ALMOND – A delicious treat - it smells like dessert! Gorgeous coconut goodness paired with yummy nutty almond. It’s creamy and mild with no color added for a creamy white bar.


Summer is the perfect season to indulge in one of the aromatic sprays. Keep one in the fridge for a little spritz of icy cool on your neck or d├ęcolletage. Spray a little bit of yummy on your summer sundresses, fresh sheets, steamy car seats or stinky dog. This superhero stuff goes anywhere and everywhere, making the world smell a little more pretty. (4 oz bottle, $6.00)

Two new scents to try, just for the summer season: COCONUT LEMON or EUCALYPTUS. Coconut lemon is tropical and bright – a bit of creamy coconut with a squeeze of tart lemon. Eucalyptus clears your head with a top note of camphor, but mellows into warm grasses and wood, for a clean, fresh fragrance.

I also have the ever-popular BUGGER OFF spray, an all-natural bug repellent that really works! Essential oils of cedar, bay, orange and eucalyptus mask your human scent and repel all kinds of irritating little critters – mosquitoes, fleas, and gnats. Safe for kids and pets, this spray works best when sprayed on clothing or bedding so the scent lingers longer. It’s clean, woodsy and pleasant to wear, with no strong citronella that keeps the people away too. Bugger Off Spray comes highly recommended and is amazingly effective. ($6.00 each)


The arrival of summer means another year of sidewalk fairs and festivals. I’ve got a full season planned and am looking forward to meeting and seeing you all. For more details on my summer schedule, including booth locations, check out the schedule section on the website,

We’ve all waited through such a long, cold spring that this year’s summer is going to be the best ever!