Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Banner ad on KOMO

So many big announcements this week!

I've signed on to be a community sponsor with KOMO News, which is just a fancy-pants name for paid advertising, but in a specific geographic area of the Seattle area.

If you live/work or access a computer in the Beacon Hill or Georgetown neighborhoods of Seattle, you will automatically see my little banner ad flashed across the front page of the KOMO news website. It's just above the "Top Video" bar and directly below the "Sports" section. If you click on the button, it takes you to my profile page in the Communities areas for both Beacon and Georgetown. It's like another whole web site there, with all my info, photos, my show schedule etc.

If you do not live in those areas, you can still see it by clicking the handy link I have pasted over there to the left - the image that says "proud supporter of KOMO communities" thingie. The other method (a lot more clicking) is go to the KOMO home page, click on "Communities" across the top menu bar, choose Beacon Hill (or Georgetown), and then click "Businesses" in that top menu bar. All the categories are listed in the left hand box. I'm of course under "Bath & Body Products." You can also see me if you click the "All Community Sponsors" button in the right hand box of a few select Community Sponsor ads.

Sort of roundabout to find me that way. But if you're in my neighborhood, you'll be seeing my nice banner every time you open the home page, which is really cool.

Yep, that's what it looks like, for those of you outside of my neighborhood. The profile page is there all the time for anybody, but the banner ad is specific to my own location. I'm giving it a try for a few months to see what happens. KOMO News has the largest news website west of the Mississippi, so it can't be a bad thing.

It's all about the marketing, people. Marketing, marketing, marketing. It can start to make you fruitloops if think about it all day. This has been a roller coaster week.