Thursday, May 19, 2011

Folklife! I'm There!

Whoop, whoop! I'm going to be at Folklife this year!

A friend of mine, Chuck at Down to the Wire Designs, needed to share a booth space this year and invited me to help him out. I wasn't planning on it and it's not on my schedule anywhere. But I'm going to do it because it's too great an opportunity to pass up. It's a last minute add on.

We're part of the Indie Roots area at Center Square, organized by Urban Craft Uprising

"Voted Best Place for Urban Crafts in the Seattle Weekly’s 2010 “Best Of” Awards, this year we warmly welcome Urban Craft Uprising to the Northwest Folklife Festival, Memorial Day Weekend!

Making their debut at our new venue, Indie Roots at Center Square, we’ve partnered with UCU to bring you a unique and awesome array of crafts. The Urban Craft Marketplace in Center Square will be open the entire weekend from 11:00AM-8:00PM."

So it's Memorial Day weekend - Friday, May 27 through Monday May 30th. We're open from 11am-8pm each day. I've got just a half a booth, so I'm not going to have everything, just a selection. If you are hoping to pick up something specific, please call or email and I'll make sure to have it there for you.

For more info on the festival - Folklife