Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday is garbage day at my house

which means nothing, except that I loathe to run around collecting trash and recycling and rushing it out to the curb in my pajamas on Thursday mornings. Especially when it's cold or raining. Which it wasn't today. But it certainly isn't summer either. It's another full week of cloudy, showery, chilly and waiting for the sun to show up.

Just a quick quote from a mini-guide to success that I read somewhere (and if I can find it again, I'll post the link):

"Don't make the dull thing that everyone will yawn and settle for. Make it sharp and glittering and irreplaceable."

I'm off to set up Folklife today. I can't quite tell from my map where I'll be but it looks a little hard to find. I'm inside, not outside on the walkways. So I don't have to worry about our cold, rainy forecast for the weekend. I'll post better directions here when I get back so that anybody looking for me at the show can find me.