Thursday, August 02, 2007

Loonie Farm: New Occupant

It's the last day before the really big show, and I'm spinning like a top trying to get it all done. The huge list of big ideas has been hacked down to the teeny list of absolute essentials today. There are only so many hours left. And honestly, I don't have enough room in the booth for all the little things I was thinking I could bring - it was simply crazy talk anyway. I've never learned restraint. And more is just usually . . .

. . .

more. Not better.

Last year I was prepared enough ahead of time that I took a little time off today to head down to the lake and watch the Blue Angels practice. That's not likely today, although I will hear them roar overhead several times today, since they have two practices. If I get even five minutes of extra time, I will be vacuuming - the dust bunnies around here are fierce and ankle biting. I have no idea when they all showed up, but this morning it's unbearable.

So I'm wrapping up like a fiend. And daydreaming of the day, some time next month probably, when I can relax in my own little hammock. So what if I don't even own a hammock. A gal can dream. Even about a long nap.

What is better than a dream - a daydream. What is better than a bed - a hammock, for here daydreams flourish.

- Agnes Snow