Thursday, August 16, 2007

For the birds

Pigeons braving the pouring rain as I set off for the show yesterday morning. I was feeling a little sorry for myself until I saw the Danskin women's triathlon biking across the floating bridge to Mercer Island in that freezing cold rain. Oh my gosh, those were brave and determined women, and my heart went out to them. Although the finish line must have been that much sweeter, and the feeling of accomplishment immense.

Recap - Humpty Dumpty has been put back together. New hot water heater, new plumbing, all new set-up. It's grand. The studio has been put back in order, cleaned up, spiffed. All the mail orders made it out on time. I was a little low on the inventory that I had wanted for the show, but it turns out that I didn't need it.

Broken record - another lousy show. Just not enough customers. All the artists were crabbing, and most had barely made booth fee by the end of Saturday. And then Sunday was a complete downpour, the field was a swamp, and a whole bunch of folks just packed up and moved out. It was a worthless day. A bunch of us stayed because we want a good spot in the upcoming fall show. But we had nobody but ourselves to amuse all day. I actually had a lovely time joking around with my neighbors and new friends. A little profit would have been nice though.

So today it's raining again. The cats are bored and wet. I'm unpacking, drying out, taking stock. I will finally get a whole week's vacation starting this coming Sunday. I can't even tell you how relieved I am to have time off, and to have something totally fun, new, and exciting to look forward to, which is not even remotely work related - it's 100% recreation.

There is almost no time at all to be prepared for the fall newsletter mailing and the Puyallup Fair - so that's what is happening this week. Last minute planning, preparations and supply orders. Anything I can possibly do will be done. The week I return will be a huge jolt back into the real world, since there is only a few days before the fair sets up. Don't care.

I'll keep myself busy and efficient for now, but my heart is already on vacation. It's been a long, long summer and I'm happy that the show blitz is over. I had a glass of champagne when I got home last night. And then went straight to bed.