Thursday, August 09, 2007

Clucking about Coupeville

Earlier today I was stressing about the bags I use to put the soap in when I sell it at shows. I do realize that this level of mundane triviality is probably not interesting reading - well, erm, after reading it back again later. But honestly? It's all the little daily decisions we make that define us, just as much as the big ones.

And as far as the business is concerned, there is nothing too trivial to consider. This is especially true when you are thinking through the customer experience, because all those little details are important on the other end, and become tantamount when someone decides to do business with you again. Customer loyalty is of the utmost importance if you want to do business for longer than a year or two. It's not that hard to hook somebody once, but if they have a bad experience of any kind, they won't come back. So if the soap is crappy, or your handling of the transaction is cold or rude, or they walk away with a mushy little bag that gives them grief, then it's not the happy ending you were hoping for. They aren't coming back for more.

Anyway, I don't know why I thought I needed to clarify or justify my rambling about paper bags with handles. And now I've gone and spent another couple of paragraphs on the same. Good gravy. Head whack. Well, that's the world of random suds blogging. Life really can be that extraordinarily boring. Like chicken for dinner every night this week because I thought the family pack was such a great bargain and could be used for so many dishes. And after days and days of chicken eating, lunch and dinner, this kind of clucking about nothing is what it's all come to.

And you know what? I've totally forgotten to post the details for this weekend's sale.

Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival is located along the waterfront/downtown area of Coupeville on Whidbey Island. This is a large arts and crafts festival, with music, food, and artist-in-action demonstrations too. Gorgeous weekend getaway and fun for everyone.

Dates: August 11 - 12
Hours: Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5

Soapworks Booth Location: To be determined, but hoping to be in the same spot as previous years. I'm always located on Alexander St. near the corner of Front St. at the public pier -- directly in front of the Island County Museum and next to Due Vetri's double- fabulous glass booth. We don't ever know exactly where we'll be until we check in before the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. But if I'm MIA, keep looking around. I'm there somewhere, and I'll be the stinkin' lavender smell that wafts from half a block away, heh.

Oh, and the ferry schedule is HERE if you need it to get over to Whidbey Island this weekend. Love, love, love the ferry system. I haven't had to take a ferry for almost the whole year (gasp!) and I so love being out on the front deck of the boat early in the morning, the bracing wind in my face, the water like glass, and just the few little fisher boats sharing the first light of the day with me. Just them. And me. And the hundreds of other cars on the ferry, all of whom sit inside their warm little cars reading the paper and sucking down Starbucks. So yes, I'm admitting that I'm the strange little gal hanging off the front of the boat all by herself freezing. The captain and crew think I'm a silly tourist for sure :) Even the real tourists only venture out for 2 minutes to catch a snapshot (or 5 group shots) and then run back to the warm indoors. Hee.