Thursday, March 06, 2014

First show of the year!

Toot the horns - we're going to be at our first show of 2014 next week: Vasa Park's spring craft show.  

I'm giddy about seeing how all the new spring scents will go over. But honestly, none of these are new new for me. All of them have been done at one time or another over the years. It's just that scents are trendy little things, like fashion, and sometimes even the classics might not be a hit this season. It's exciting to see which way the wind is blowing right this very minute.

And if I'm being brutally honest, the idea of packing up my entire circus into tote bins, hauling every single piece of display to the car, and gearing it all back up sort of makes me cringe.  It's just once though. The first time. Once I've jumped through that hoop the rest of the shows are just a little bit of piling on or editing.

After my last show comes down at the end of December I unload everything. Pretty much every. little. thing. I take it all out of the bins, clean the bins, clean the items, take stock and inventory. Things are all put to bed in their little storage places. The office is clean and cleared. I need space to start over fresh.

When it comes time to begin the show season again I gotta take it all out and pack from ground up. Tables, shelves etc get hauled to the car and pretty much stay there for months on end. It's sort of nuts, but I drive my jalopy around with a load of stuff for most of the year, banging around, jangling and knocking back and forth. Just because it's too much work to empty and re-load it over and over again each week, or even every other week.

Well, I'm at that place now. The big pack up. Checklist in hand. Gulp.

So the show that kicks it all off is the Vasa Park spring-themed craft show. It's a boutique style show which means that vendors (most of them) don't work their own table displays, but we all work shifts to man woman the floor, ring up sales at the cash registers, greet customers at the door, etc. It's a central check-out at the end where you pay for everything like you would at a regular store. It will be chock full of spring gifts and home decor - Easter eggs, chicks and bunny stuff.  Candy for baskets.  Lucky St Paddy things. General spring goods and tasty treats.  Hope you can stop by to check out the hand made loveliness.

March 13 - 15, 2014
Vasa Park Ballroom
3549 W Lk Sammamish Pkwy, Bellevue
Thurs & Fri 10am - 8pm, Sat 10am - 5pm

It's the little building with the big parking lot just across the street from the lake and the actual Vasa Park campground.  I've included a handy dandy map, in case you need directions.

And if you can't make this show, the Best of the Northwest show is coming up too (March 28-30) at Magnuson Park's Hangar 30 in Seattle.  I'll post all the details about that as we get closer, but save the date!  More info about my entire events/show schedule is on the website HERE.