Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stuff I Love - This Week Anyway

(See Flickr for credits)

1.  Avant- garde book stacking in Japan.  You've got to click thru to see those amazing stacks of books.

2.  Duck Duck Go.  A search engine that doesn't track its users!  No filter bubbles.  No clutter in the side bars.  No extra pages of results.  And great short cuts that make it easier to search a single site - like Wikipedia (!w).  Way cool.

3.  Lawn bowling at Jefferson Park Lawn Bowling Club.  The Wednesday night women's league is a real hoot!  And the sunsets from the hill can't be beat - it's gorgeous.

4.  Bob Fletcher, who died last month at 101 is real gem. A former California agriculture inspector, he quit his job in the middle of World War II to manage the fruit farms of Japanese families who were forced to live in interment camps.  He saved their farms, saved their fruit, put money in their bank accounts and even cleaned their house to get it ready for them when they were finally released to come home.  Great article, super guy.

5.  The shadow dancers who are going to win Britain's Got Talent.  Amazing.