Saturday, June 08, 2013

Pigs are flying

The pigs are flying over at Sorticulture this weekend.

This guy has the cutest flying pigs made out of salvaged metal parts.  Sorry for the dark photo - the light was so hard from under the tree against the light sky.  You just have to come over and see for yourself.

There is all kinds of glass art.  Tons of metal art.  Pottery stuff - like my friend Dianne Kimball's flowers, bird baths and the cutest chicken stack.

I love, love Bob Bowling's rustic garden sheds and cool recycled garden stuff too - he's got a gorgeous booth.  That thing on the right that's almost out of the picture is a "free library" hutch - adorable!

Plus display gardens too for all kinds of great ideas about landscaping and how to place plants.

There are some really cool edible plant booths too - I got a little set of Drunken Botanist plants - the Old Tom Gin Garden set (which I need to blab about in a separate post when I'm not so rushed).

The show is bigger and better than ever this year.  Tons of great live music.  There will be more demos and discussions today.  And with luck, we'll get a little bit more sun this afternoon - a great day to stop by the food court for lunch, or sip at the wine/beer garden under the trees and wander around getting inspired to dig in the dirt.