Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Flower Pot Gift Set - New!

New for summer - I've just added a new gift set with a French-style tin flower pot container to the web site.  

Put together your own custom gift set with our adorable tin flower pot.  Great for gardener's or anyone who enjoys a little beauty in their life.

The charming ruffled tin flower pot has a plastic liner, and can be used to pot a small herb or plant later.  Inside, tuck your friend's favorite bar of soap, a cotton scrubby accessory, and a soap dish or nail brush. ($ 16.95)

Such a fun way to dress up a bathroom!

As always, if you want to customize even further, or don't see exactly what you need, please don't hesitate a moment to contact us.  We delight in making something perfect for you!

I've updated the Gift Set section of the site too, so there are new photos and better descriptions.  There are all kinds of gift-giving occasions this summer - graduations, hostesses, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries . . .  go big, go small, go perfect!

Everyone loves a treat, everyone uses soap, and no, no, no - they won't think you are trying to tell them something about their hygiene :)    Or unless maybe your are?!