Saturday, February 09, 2013

Spring 2013 Newsletter

I'm publishing my Spring 2013 newsletter here for any of you who might not be on my email or snail mail lists.  I wouldn't want you to miss a thing :)  And to keep things simple, click this LINK to take you to my Seasonal page on the website where everything discussed below is listed in one place.  

January is a month of hibernation and rest for me.  Probably for everyone else too.  It's the bleakest month of winter when the outdoors is least inviting and we're all pooped out from the holiday-ing.

Soon enough along comes lovey-dovey February with all its hearts and flowers.  And slowly, every so slowly, a sunray breaks through the grey clouds, a light begins to shine and new life starts up all over.  Tiny little twittering birds gently wake us from our slumbering silence.  The promise of a new day, a new season, a new year whispers quietly in the tiny pink buds sprouting from branches. Spring creeps in on tiny mouse toes, but when it finally arrives, it brings a warmth and joy so powerful that memories are made in an instant.


To celebrate spring -the season of love, flowers, and new beginnings - I’ve created some new takes on some very traditional European soap fragrances.  For me, spring scents are inherently light in a palette of green, fresh and flowery.  After months of dead leaves and naked trees, the hint of blossoms in the breeze is a breath of fresh air. ($ 4.25 each or 4 bars for $ 16.00)

Lilac Garden:  One of the first scents of spring, lilac blossoms are both powerful and fleeting, stunning in their beauty and symbolic of innocence and purity.  This is an absolutely true and perfect lilac scent - a just-picked bouquet straight from the garden in a pretty purple bar.

Orange Blossom:  A classic and pretty Spanish orange blossom fragrance with a squeeze of sweet orange for a bit more citrus brightness.  Lovely and timeless, this is a very traditional European soap, a soft floral scent in a peach tinted bar.

Gardenia:  A lush, gorgeous, elegant and nostalgic flower, gardenia is said to be the blossom of love.  This is a vintage perfume and another classic French soap scent which has stood the test of time.  Notes of aloe vera and green leaf blend with a beautiful gardenia floral, for a very fresh, very light version in an ivory white bar.

Lemon Verbena:  Lemon verbena is one of the most loved classic soap scents, from Yardley's of London to modern Mrs Meyers.  This soap features bright lemon and bergamot citrus with dreamy lemon blossoms - a very soft and pleasant lemon, uplifting and sweet.


Turn up the volume on your romance dial - try the Lilac Garden aromatic spray for spring.  A companion to our seasonal soap, Lilac Garden is incredibly true, a lush and fragrant floral mist to brighten up the winter doldrums.  This fragrance makes a lovely sprintzer for everything imaginable - delightful as a body spray, a great deodorizer for linens, rooms, closets, cars, plus a fabulous pick-me-up anywhere, any time. ($6.00 each)


During the last month I've had all my remaining fall and winter holiday seasonal soaps, sprays, bath salts, plus lip balms at big discounts on the web site.  There are still deals left and it's a great time to stock up on your favorites.  Check it out at

It's still early in the scheduling of shows for 2013.  Deadlines are in the works with notifications and contracts to be determined in the next couple of months.  But here are a few that are on the calendar right now.  Check the website any time ("Show Schedule" button) for all the latest information.

March 23 - 24
Best of the Northwest - Spring Show
Smith Cove Cruise Ship Terminal, Pier 91
Magnolia neighborhood, Seattle
Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6pm

April 19 - 21
Tulip Festival Street Fair
Downtown Mount Vernon
Fri and Sat 10 am - 6pm, Sun 10am - 5pm

May 18 - 19
University District Street Fair
University Street, U Dist, Seattle
Sat 10 - 7, Sun 10 - 6

Come on everybody, let's do the happy spring dance!